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    I was happy to hear that there would be new updates to Battlefront on the PS4 gaming system. What I was unhappy about were the updates (some) themselves. First, why change the homing rocket to be slower, not able to lock on targets as well, and making the distance shorter for locking on? This weapon was one of my personal favorites, and is now basically obsolete. People were able to move themselves out of the way of the original projectiles about 50% of the time before, and now you hardly ever hit your target as you can basically eat a sandwich, or read a book before the missile even gets to the target. FAIL! Second, what the hell is with the 35 second cool down on the barrage grenades? It was initially 18 seconds and with the upgrade 15. Now it's 40 seconds, 35 with the upgrade. I am not a professional gamer, and can't play all the time. So I am sure my skill level is far below most of the gamers in the battles. These weapons helped me and a lot of other people level the playing field a bit or at least somewhat compete. FAIL! Third, why would you lower the damage a hero does? That is why they are called heroes! FAIL! I do like some of the tweeks, like new spawning points, making it so you don't get stuck in some of the rocks, and removing turrets that would be right were you spawn. Hopefully there will be some more tweeks coming in the future that might bring these weapons and heroes back to their original glory, or at least make them useful again.

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