Battlefront 2 Single Player Should be Awesome!

Discussion in 'Battlefront Command' started by Jakobi, Jul 6, 2017.

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    So as we all know we got robbed in the first Battlefront reboot, there was no single player! Yeah, you could battle your friends on a semi-ok game, but there was no story or mission to embark on.

    While they may have been ready to have a full single player ready for Battlefront 1, it sure looks like they put a lot of focus on it in the squeal from what I read so far.

    A good read and here the top bullet points.
    • It’s set in the past but has MAJOR story implications for all of Star Wars going forward
    • The polish and attention to detail are stunning, even for Battlefront
    • The action is immediate, and the escalation is fantastic
    • It doesn’t hold back on big, empowering set-pieces
    • It uses the same neat ability set-up as multiplayer
    • Your droid friend is a brilliant asshole
    • It has more depth and variety than you might expect
    • The door controls behave exactly as they should in Star Wars

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