Iron Sliding Door Roller suppliers

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    鈼?Our History
    Xishan Yangjianjianesi doors and windows accessories factory is a sole proprietorship enterprise, built in 2002, professional design and production of various door and window pulleys, products sold to all parts of the country, high-quality products, low prices, and thoughtful services, so that we get the majority of customers recognition and favor!
    鈼?Our Factory
    Our company is located in Jiangsu Wuxi and Suzhou Changshu junction, plant area of about 3000, around convenient transportation. Our R & D team has applied for a number of national patents in recent years to help customers provide the best solutions in a variety of door and window designs.
    鈼?Our Product
    Our main products are: all kinds of plastic steel door and window accessories, broken bridge doors and windows accessories and aluminum alloy doors and windows accessories.
    鈼?Product Application
    The pulleys produced by our company are mainly used in large residential areas, household houses, shopping malls, public places or factory buildings.
    鈼?Our Certificate
    1.The pulleys produced by our company are tested by Shanghai Institute of quality Supervision and Inspection Technology in accordance with the national quality standards for building materials and decoration materials (Standard No.: JG/T12P-2017).
    2. The roller of the POM door and window is obtained in May, 2011, the patent is that the wall thickness of the roller is increased, the pressure strength of the roller is greatly improved, and the needle roller groove is used for separating the needle rollers from each other, so that the abrasion is small, the displacement and the needle clamping phenomenon are avoided, the service life of the roller is prolonged, meanwhile, the dosage of the needle roller is reduced, the needle roller bearing is replaced, and the manufacturing cost of the roller is reduced;
    3. The ""JNS"" trademark is registered in September 2011;
    4. In June 2012, the pulley of the aluminum alloy broken bridge door and window is obtained. The patent is that the wheel bracket is made of an aluminum alloy, and the stop block is made of a hard material, so that the strength of the stop block is high, the stop is more abrasion-resistant, and the service life of the aluminum alloy broken bridge door and window wheel is greatly improved;
    5. In November, 2015, we obtained the <one bridge-broken heat-insulation aluminum alloy door and window pulley> patent: the adjustment is more stable and reliable, the service life is long, the mould is simple to modify, the production and manufacture are flexible and convenient, and the assembly requirements of the aluminum alloy doors and windows of different specifications are completely met;
    6. The invention has the advantages of simple structure, large adjustment range, convenient adjustment and more stable and reliable adjustment, and effectively eliminates the blocking phenomenon, and has the advantages of large bearing capacity, long service life and convenient manufacture and installation;
    7. In March 2016, the patent "A kind of needle roller bearing for window and door pulley" was obtained: the structural design is clever, which improves the service life and bearing capacity of needle roller bearing, and has the advantages of simple structure, easy manufacture, convenient installation, low cost, long life, etc.
    8. The ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification is obtained in February 2018.
    鈼?Production Equipment
    Our company has 4 sets of pulley service life testing equipment, 6 injection molding machines, 2 air compressors, 2 air storage tanks, 15 punching machines, 2 table drilling machines, 2 tapping machine, 2 riveting machines, 4 press machines and 30 workshop assembly stations.
    鈼?Production Market
    The products of our company are mainly sold to the big cities of the whole country and the Vietnamese market.
    鈼?Our Service
    1. Pre-sale: customers can provide door and window drawings, track profiles or pulley samples of any one by our company technical responsible for the design and validation of the pre-sample;
    2. In-sales: the customer sends the order directly to our sales staff according to the confirmed sample, and the salesperson formulates the production plan and distributes the department (purchase, workshop and warehouse) and reply to the delivery time. Whether it is feasible for sales staff to communicate with customers on delivery dates;
    3. After sale: the salesperson notifies the customer to deliver the product and appends the shipping list and the logistics list, so that the customer can keep track of the logistics progress of the product at any time; If there is a product quality problem after receiving the goods, the technical quality department of our company will communicate directly with the customer until the customer is satisfied.Iron Sliding Door Roller suppliers

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