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    This football pitch turf is perfect for football and other fast moving sporting activities, which provides an even terrain whatever the weather. It's environmentally friendly, and is free from lead and cadmium. It is a UV stabilised tufted synthetic grass.

    Football Pitch Turf Technical Data
    Product ModelFSBS160-42550/20
    Fiber CompositionMonofilament Fiber: PE
    Yarn Shape“S” covered yarn
    Pile Height(mm)50mm
    Gauge (inch)3/4
    Stitches Rate200
    Grass Life5-8 years
    Primary Backing Composite PP woven fabric
    Secondary BackingMesh fabric
    Coating BackingSBR Latex
    Diameter of Drainage Holes(mm)5
    Roll Length (m)25 or customized
    Roll widths (m)2 or 4
    Loading quantity 2200-2500 sqm/20GP
    4500-4600 sqm/40GP
    4600-5000 sqm/40HQ
    Installing AccessoriesJoint tape, Adhesive glue
    ApplicationFootball pitch turf
    Features Of Football Pitch Turf
    ◆ High UV-resistant
    ◆ Excellent color fastness
    ◆ Easy to install and maintain
    ◆ Low maintain costs
    ◆ Excellent sports performance: Good performance of ball action on the turf, good
    performance of player playing on the surface.
    ◆ High strength and tenacity
    HISOA artificial football turf has been upgraded to maximize your sports field's performance. The "S" shape grass fiber enhances the durability and flexibility . We use PE 10000Dtex yarn to manufacture the artificial turf to keep a 8 year plus lifetime of the grass.

    Our Cases
    ◆ Does water stay on the surface of the grass or does it drain through?
    Water drains through the grass via holes in the latex backing. In fact, artificial grass actually drains more quickly than natural grass. Installing a fake lawn in your garden will help to prevent puddles on the surface and the occurrence of muddy patches.
    ◆ How do the different blade shapes affect performance?
    Synthetic grass is created with many different colors and various blade heights as well as several types of synthetic grass blade shapes. Each of these blade shapes serves different purposes of artificial turf application.
    ◆ How long does fake grass last?
    Artificial turf will give you up to 20 years of maintenance-free life depending on the
    volume of traffic in the area. Fake grass won’t fade or flatten. It is UV resistant and will retain its colour and integrity season after season.
    ◆ What type of infill is used with HISOA-Grass?
    We use a natural infill mixture of rubber pellets and silica sand – making the lawn safe for pets and children to use.Football Grass China

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