Core-spun PBT Yarn manufacturers China

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    company profile
    Nantong Yanhuang Imp & Exp Co.,Ltd was founded in 2010. We specialized in producing and developing PBT、PET、PA6、PA56 etc. Special materials. Products have been exported to Turkey, Korea, India, Pakistan, Brazil and other countries all over the world.
    we have our own factory and workers. we have BMG machines and our own machines.
    we only produce goods for our clients.
    Our PBT dope dyed yarn can be used in fabric, we are the only one in China, this yarn is good for environment, this series of PBT products are confirmed by our Japanese, Korean, and European customers.
    It can be widely use in making fabric like PET and PA6 , such as underwear, shoes fabric, swimwear, socks, jeans,covered yarn, fancy yarn, complex yarn etc.
    Now, we have many famous factory customers, they bought our product ,make products,then sell to Adidas, Nike and other famous companies.
    The workshop
    our factory in different places due to we produce many products.
    we have different parts of workshop, such as POY workshop, DTY workshop , packing workshop and so on.
    and we have rules. we know good company need good rules.
    New machine
    we are making new machine now, our new machine output is very large, it has 528spinning wheels.
    so the output is large, we are confidence on our machines.
    Color cards
    Developing process
    Hope we can sell our new machine all over the world
    In next 10years, we will be committed to develop and research PBT, PA56, PA 6 etc high quality products. Welcome to our company!
    if u are interested in us, pls connect us at any time.
    we are glad to hear from u.Core-spun PBT Yarn manufacturers China

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