China Weed Barrier

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    Product Introduction of Vegetable Garden Weed Control Fabric
    Vegetable Garden Weed Control Fabric is also known as the black plastic mulch, weed barrier fabric, anti grass cloth. It is a kind of braiding PP plastic woven cloth with good air permeability and water seepage, and a kind of horticultural and agricultural ground anti grass cloth. Vegetable Garden Weed Control Fabric can effectively limit weed growth. It has good water permeability and air permeability, so that the root of the air has certain fluidity, which can prevent soil compaction to result in crop root growth, root rot and prevent plant diseases and pests and so on.

    Product Specification of Vegetable Garden Weed Control Fabric

    Product Application of Vegetable Garden Weed Control Fabric
    1. Prevent weeds on the ground. The cloth can prevent the light on the surface of the direct radiation (especially black cloth), while using the cloth itself a solid structure to prevent weeds through the cloth, thus ensuring the inhibitory effect of cloth on weed growth.
    2. Timely removal of ground water and keep the ground clean. The drainage performance of the ground cloth ensures the rapid discharge of the ground water, and the gravel layer and the middle sand layer under the ground can effectively inhibit the reverse infiltration of the soil particles, thus ensuring the cleaning of the ground cloth surface.
    3. It is beneficial to plant root growth and can prevent root rot. The function also originates from the weaving structure of the ground cloth, which ensures that the root of the crop does not produce water accumulation, so that the air in the root has certain fluidity, thus preventing the root rot.
    4. Vegetable Garden Weed Control Fabric can prevent additional growth of potted roots and improve the quality of potted flowers. When in flower production of cloth, cloth can prevent the roots out of the basin bottom drill into the ground, so as to ensure the quality of potted flowers.
    5. It is conducive to the cultivation of management: most are woven cloth is a one-way or two-way line, put the flower pots in the greenhouse or arrangement of substrate or outdoor, can according to the marking line to accurately arrange. Hardening leads to bad growth of crop root system, which prevents root rot of plants and causes diseases and insect pests in the ground surface area

    Product Qualification of Vegetable Garden Weed Control Fabric

    Product Packing and Delivery of Vegetable Garden Weed Control Fabric
    Color: Black
    Gram Weight: 70g to 150g
    Roll Width: 0.5m 1m 1.5m 2m
    Yarn Diameter: 1.8mm-1.9mm
    Tensile Strength of Each Yarn: 900N/100g/m2
    Wrapping: Paper tube and woven plastic fabric
    UV Resistance Disposal: 1%-2%
    Delivery Time: Within 30 days from order confirmation

    China Weed Barrier

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